The Practical Creative

60 minutes to open your eyes to the potential of moving the creative process to real world solutions.

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Tap into you and your people's best thinking
How creative are your solutions?
Are you addressing problems with the same thinking that created them?
When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised by your own idea or a solution?
How would you rate the quality of your thinking? 
The Practical Creative engages the participant in materials proven to increase the quality of thinking and actions. Based on decades of experience and the latest findings in cognitive science, you will find immediate use for the insights offered in this packed 60-minute course.
Due to the highly interactive nature of this webinar space will be limited. 
  1. Am I a Creative?
    As many as 60% of people believe they ARE NOT creative. Find out if you are a creative person. This webinar offers insights into your capacity to be creative and how you can develop that capacity.
  2. Move a Dream to Reality
    Some say brainstorming is a waste of time and, in practice, most of the time it is. You will learn why most brainstorming doesn't work and why many creative processes never end up with useful action plans.
  3. Up the Quality of Thinking
    The power of your solutions is directly related to the quality of your thinking. It's usually not for a lack of intelligence or skill, but a lack of intention. The Practical Creativity webinar provides key insights to improve the quality of your thinking.

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