Practical Creativity

A full-day, interactive workshop that develops insights, skills and techniques to gain access to your best thinking and facilitate quality thinking in your people.​​
Southern California Workshop
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Full-day Workshops


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Southern California Workshop Special
$2,400/Table (up to 6 people)
Southern California Workshop Special
For Individuals Seeking Better Solutions

Are you living up to your creative potential? Do you have wonderful ideas that never translate into the "real world"? In this one-day workshop you will:
  • Learn the "Practical Creativity" method to improve your thinking
  • Practice the habits and skills of the most effective Practical Creatives
  • Gain clarity around your current ideas
  • Walk away with a clear path and next step. 
For Teams Looking For Breakthroughs

Would you like to elevate your team's thinking around a current project?  Would you like to learn a proven, repeatable approach that improves the quality of thinking on any project?  In this one-day workshop your team will:
  • Learn the "Practical Creavity" method to tap into their best thinking
  • Practice the habits and skills of the most effective Practical Creatives
  • Walk away with a clear path and next step. 

Limited Spaces Available!
Due to the highly interactive approach, this workshop is limited to allow maximum impact and growth for the participants.

Develop the habits of highly creative people and how to get the best results from the creative process.
How creative are your solutions?
Are you addressing problems with the same thinking that created them?
When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised by your own idea or a solution?
How would you rate the quality of your thinking?

  • Learn how to develop creative and critical thinking
  • Practice specific skills and behaviors to increase your creative and practical competencies
  • Develop your ability to get the best thinking from your people 
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  1. Am I a Creative?
    As many as 75% of people believe they ARE NOT living up to their creative potential. Find out how you can grow your creative capacity. This workshop develops your capacity to be creative and tap into the best thinking of the people around you.
  2. Move a Dream to Reality
    Some say brainstorming is a waste of time and, in practice, most of the time it is. You will learn why most brainstorming doesn't work and why yours can result in a useful action plan that impacts the "real world."
  3. Up the Quality of Thinking
    The power of your solutions is directly related to the quality of your thinking. It's usually not for a lack of intelligence or skill, but a lack of intention. The Practical Creativity workshop provides the opportunity to practice behaviors that improve the quality of your ideas.