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Order books, workbooks, job-aids and other resources for your FACT-Based Coaching and Leadership Programs. 

  1. $28.00*
    This is THE handbook for FACT-Based coaching. The Coaching Guide provides convenient write-ups on all the steps in the FACT-Based process and lists of questions to jump-start creating your own resource.
    FACT-Based Coaching Guide by Fred Harburg
  2. $25.00*
    The companion workbook for the 1-day Introduction to FACT-Based Coaching workshop. (Available only to Master Coaches)
    Introduction to FACT-Based Coaching Workbook
  3. $28.00*
    The companion workbook for the multi-day Intermediate FACT-Based Coaching workshop. (Available only to Master Coaches)
    Intermediate FACT-Based Coaching Workbook
  4. $8.00*
    A laminated card that provides a quick reference to the FACT-Based Coaching process and steps.
    FACT-Based Coaching Job-Aid
Interested in becoming a Master Coach or Master Coach Facilitator?  [email protected]
If you have the "music" of FACT-Based Leadership you can become a leader in the movement to create coaching cultures. Contact us to find out more about the process to master the skills and gain the competencies to facilitate the process of learning FACT-Based approaches to leadership and coaching. 

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