We Guide You Through
Praxis Facilitation takes you where YOU want to go. We will help you clarify outcomes and objectives. Based on your stated goals we will work with you to decide on what methods will best get you to your desired destination. Our experience with many different models and approaches help us adapt to the specific needs of your group as we guide you down the most effective path. Even if your objectives shift during the process, Praxis Facilitators remain present so that they can flex with your new direction and your outcomes are based in the real world, not just the plan.

Let Praxis Facilitation guide you and your team through General Meetings and Conferences A Creative Process (that works)Group Development/Process, Team Building, Change Management,  and  Process Improvement

Facilitation Options: 
Praxis facilitators guide you through a variety of processes.

  1. General Meetings and Conferences
    From defining success to delivering sessions to evaluating effectiveness, Praxis Consulting works with you to design and deliver powerful and effective conferences and meetings. Starting early in the process, we can help you clearly define success, refine your desired outcomes, generate unique and effective programming ideas, and help execute these components resulting in an event that intentionally impacts participants.
  2. A Creative Process (that works)
    Not just "playful arguing with snacks." A creative process results in practical, effective and innovative action plans. Praxis Facilitators use the best practices pioneered by theme park designers, scientists, and engineers to guide you through this proven process. This process engages your best creative and critical thinking to generate a multitude of ideas, select the best, and refine it into a real plan of action with specific next steps.
  3. Group Development/Process
    Knowing your group's place in the process generates the opportunity to be intentional about it's development. The challenges facing a start-up team are very different from integrating new people into a functioning group. Leaders also play a different role in each stage of a group's process. Praxis works with you to assess your group's process needs and offers insights into how leaders can be more intentional in each stage of development.
  4. Team Building
    "We had the experience but missed the meaning" -TS Elliot Teams are built through shared experiences. Some experiences occur in the real world and have real "bottom-line" consequences. These experiences also happen in a more controlled context with intentional design and defined outcomes. Praxis facilitates both types of team building experiences so that you and your team find meaning, grow, and become more effective.
  5. Change Management
    "If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less." - General Eric Shinseki Managing and communicating change while keeping people engaged challenges every organization. Praxis uses a blend of classic change models with excellent facilitation to guide a process that connects strategy, mission, and organizational culture to align change. We also work with leaders to intentionally initiate and manage that change.
  6. Process Improvement
    Finding efficiency, reducing variance, increasing quality, or engaging your people can all happen when exploring process. Praxis works with you to choose the right approach and facilitates the process to reveal your next best steps to improving your systems and approaches.

For more information please complete the form below with any information about the process you would like facilitated. We will contact you be phone or email within 5 business days. 
Prices will depend on the size and complexity of the process. We promise to work with you to provide quality services at reasonable rates. 

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